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Everything you love is here


Everything you love is here

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Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.
— Nido Qubein (via observando)
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Almost every wardrobe begins with a basic black or white tee, and we built Everlane on that same foundation. As we move into warmer weather, it’s nice to remember how easy it can be to get dressed. The formula: One classic tee in black or white paired with its opposite shade on the bottom.

The little black dress of tops, the black tee offers effortless chic in any context. When you just don’t know what to wear, this is it. 

The appeal of a simple white tee is its wholesomeness. In cotton it translates as crisp and all-American––in rayon, natural and ethereal. 

View the collection.

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Awww… :3

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A digital watercolor painting of Florence. This was painted with my Real Watercolor set for Photoshop, which contains 50 brushes that truly emulate natural watercolor effects without the need for filters or added textures of any kind. Brushes used here: Magic WC (all 3), Simple Round 40, Big Wash, Broad, and Salt. I hope you will agree that the above results are the closest you can get to real watercolor painting in Photoshop! And best of all? You can always ‘undo.’ Now that’s nice. 

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